Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles 2015 for women’s beautiful hairstyles trends and short hair, long hair, ombre hair styles. There is really nothing that can not bob hairstyles. This may perhaps be somewhat exaggerated, but what is the Bob can not deny is its enormous potential for variation. Bob hairstyles are available as long-hair and short hair varieties. Depending on the cutting or coloring technique is chosen which Bob can be interpreted very differently. Whether long or pageboy bob – bob hairstyles are suitable for all hair types and tempt many a hairdresser to creative outpourings.

How different bob hairstyles can fail also show prominent makers such as Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Starlet Kelly Osbourne and actress Katie Holmes.


This year, the rich variety of bob hairstyles continues unabated. Have big waves just like their big show stage cuts, mushrooms and Bob the 60s. Each Bob scores here with its own unique charm.

A true classic of the Bob’s is the chin-length variant with fine forehead, which is intended as a hairstyle for the day. Stylt to the classic version with a deep crown, this Bob is ideally suited for thick hair.

Very significantly affects the short bob, which extends to the earlobe. Shaving in the neck and a powerful tone made him hairstyle for statement.

Feminine and uncomplicated are medium length bob hairstyles with bangs and cut frayed strands. They can be styled differently depending on the occasion and are suitable for all those who want to stay true to their natural hair color.

A little more playful bobs are with big waves and curly variants. Combining these sections with two different, slightly graduated shades, the hip Two Tone look.

The selection of bob hairstyles can be so little to be desired. Click through our trendy hairstyle catalog and explore your personal favorites!


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